A Coronovirus Conversation

A conversation between an inquiring mind and available information.
1) What are we shutting America’s economy down for? Because the coronavirus.
2) What are the symptoms of the coronavirus? Pretty much the same as the symptoms for the flu or the common cold.

3)Interesting, so why are we shutting it down for this but not those? Because it can be potentially life threatening if someone who is elderly catches it, or if someone has a severe underlying health condition.
4) Well what about the flu or even the common cold, can they kill you? Yes, but typically only if you are elderly or have a severe underlying health condition.
5) Oh, so what is the mortality rate of those who get this coronavirus? Well the best data we have to date is that from South Korea and it looks like it can potentially kill 0.45% of those who get it.
6) Oh wow 45%? No, less than half of 1%.
7) Okay, so who is the most vulnerable probably the children right? Nope the children seem practically immune to it.
8) Huh, so why are we reacting this way? Because if we all work together and no one ventures out of their house for a few months we could save dozens of individuals who otherwise would probably live several months longer.
9) Riiiiight, so which kills more people, the flu or the coronavirus? Oh the flu by a looong shot.
10) So why don’t we react this way every year to the flu? Because the flu only kills people who are elderly or have an underlying health condition.
11) But I thought you said that is what the coronavirus does? That’s right.
12) So how long are we supposed to hide in our homes? We have no idea, we’ll let ya know.
13) So again, you say the symptoms are similar to the flu or the common cold? Yes, but it’s much much worse than the flu or the common cold.
14) So what do those who have contracted it describe their experience as? Well many of them say it was about like having the flu or the common cold. BUT, a few have said it’s like really bad, have you seen their testimonies? The ones who say it was bad? You should have seen them by now, we are trying to get them more views.
15) But this is worse than the common cold or flu though right? Yes, because it is a novel virus and humans have no immunity to it and no way to fight it off.
16) So what happens to the 99.55% of the people who get it, how do they survive? They survive because their immune system fights it off.
17) So everyone is supposed to stay home? Everyone except those we deem essential workers.
18) Isn’t everyone’s job essential? Maybe to them but not to society.
19) So government is picking winners and losers, doesn’t that seem like socialism? We prefer the term compensated social distancing.

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