Tucker Carlson on AOC’s Racism Charges

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“What are the Odds in Real Life That Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Actually Believes that Nancy Pelosi is a Racist, or That Joe Biden is a Racist, or For That Matter, Donald Trump is a Racist. What are the Chances She Really Thinks That. Probably About Zero. The First Thing to Know About the Cries of Racism You Hear Incessantly From the Left; They are Totally Insincere. No One Saying it, Actually Believes it. The Point isn’t to Get Rid of Racism. The Point is to Seize Power. And it Works. Denouncing Someone as Racist is a Kind of Rhetorical Stun Grenade. For a Moment, the Accused Just Stands There, Off-Balance and Looking Bewildered. That’s When You Scoop Up the Loot and Run. Grievance Politics is a Kind of Smash and Grab Operation, and is Highly Effective. It is No Surprise That the Left Now justify its Entire Political Program in the Name of Fighting Bigotry…”
~ Tucker Carlson

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