The Intolerant Left

Certain people: (You know some of them; some are family and some of them you invite into your life by choices that you make) “We would be more comfortable in wanting to come around and associate with you if you were less disapproving of the things the Bible disapproves of.”

Me: “I keep remembering what I was taught early as a Christian that embracing and practicing Biblical teachings and obeying Biblical do’s and don’ts is the formula for successful living.

“You may go ahead and mess up your lives if you wish by rejecting the Word of God and the time-tested precepts contained therein.  You may go ahead and call me a dangerous, unstable extremist for choosing to walk a different path than you as you falsely attempt to call yourself ‘tolerant.’

“There is something you should take notice of and that is the fact that the sages throughout the ages taught concepts and precepts that mirror the teachings of Jesus the Christ when correctly comprehended.  Therefore, I shall continue to obey and follow the teachings and commands of the Creator of the universe and walk in His paths.”

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