The Left

The Left is fawning over Kim Jong Il’s sister.
Why? Because she is from North Korea, a Communist country that hates America (almost as much as they do).

Let’s be clear about something:


The Left LOVES Che Guevara, a radical Communist.
The Left LOVES Castro, a radical Communist.
The Left LOVES Bill Ayers (personal friend of Obama), a radical Communist.
The Left LOVES Margaret Sanger, a radical Eugenicist.
The Left LOVES Hugo Chavez, a radical Communist.
The Left LOVES Bernie Sanders, a radical Socialist.

Starting the get the picture?

The Left LOVES radical Statism (Socialism, Communism, Fascism….ALL forms of Statism).

These people, mentioned above, are heroes to the Left. And, not only do they love them, they wish to emulate them.

Which brings us to 2018 and 2020…

America is only beginning to recover from the disaster that was the Obama administration. (Easily the least competent President in American history, and, truly, thankfully so; since, had he been REMOTELY competent, he could have done FAR more damage.) One year into the Trump administration, America is in fiscal recovery. BUT, there is still much, MUCH more to do. Spending on non-Constitutional items (Entitlements) MUST be cut. Terrible trade deals MUST be reformed. Our tax system MUST be reformed. Healthcare MUST be reformed and returned to the private side. Public schooling MUST be minimized and our educational system MUST be reformed.

The list is a mile long.

But these things MUST be done.

And, if you think that Constitution-loving voters (you and I) can idly sit by and
*hope* that things will get better….


If you had a very aggressive form of cancer, would you, after one round of chemo, say, “Well…..that oughta do it!” and stop the treatments? (Am I calling Statism a ‘cancer’? YOU BET I AM…….it’s THE most aggressive and responsible for HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DEATHS throughout history, along with misery…….hell on earth…..for countless more. And Democrats, along with Fifth Column Republicans, want to bring this sickness….this disease…, to America.)

If we allow Democrats, along with Fifth Column Republicans, to become the majority in the House and Senate, OR becomes the next POTUS, we will see an end to this recovery. Period.

Democrats WILL halt this Constitutional recovery. Tax reformation WILL end and taxes WILL go up. Spending on non-Constitutional items WILL go up. Healthcare and public schooling WILL continue to be a disaster. The First and Second Amendment WILL be rendered meaningless. (And, when these are rendered meaningless, we can kiss the rest of the Amendments goodbye)

The choice is ours to make:

Either allow these lovers of Statism to be in control by our inaction or continue to fight, in order to restore Constitutional rule/

As I said: the choice is ours.

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