Hawaii Emergency Hoax

A note to my friends… So someone in the state of Hawaii Emergency Management did a whoopsie and pressed the button sending an emergency alert out that they were going to be struck by an incoming missile. Then it took the incompetents 38 minutes to say, oh we made a mistake you’re not going to be annihilated. Well keeping in mind that North Korea’s ability to send a missile to Hawaii would only take 20 minutes I could see and understand the panic. My point on this is maybe Hawaii which is run by democrats should spend less time and money resisting every effort President Trump makes to make their state safer along with the rest of the country. Perhaps instead of having their attorney general file lawsuits on situations such as the travel bans just so they can resist against the President maybe it would be great if they put their money into training with their state employees so they don’t cause total chaos by being so incompetent. No excuse for what happened and there’s no way that media should blame President Trump or the federal government when this was strictly a state error. Maybe your administration should start trying do something to protect the country instead of fighting President Trump at every turn or maybe the voters will vote you out. This one’s on you Hawaii. Liberals can’t have it both ways.

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