AOC Caught in Lie

She believes things that are not so… and some pretty ‘wild & crazy’ things at that! She has also said some pretty hateful & dangerous things about certain segments of the American population too! Shouldn’t she also be removed by Congress from all of her committee assignments as well??!!

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Groundbreaking Testimony

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Mueller still struggling to answer even basic questions. He can’t accurately remember facts, evidence, or even his own conclusions.
Folks—this guy didn’t run the investigation. His team of Resistance Democrats did.
And they used it as a weapon to target a President they hated. 🤨 #NeverAgain!!! #WitchHunt!!!

mueller in essence: we at the fbi knew from the beginning that he didn’t steal horses, but he sure tried to obstruct us from hanging him without a fair trial for it mueller in essence: as a prosecutor, it is my sworn duty to find and produce evidence of a crime before anyone can conclude guilt because everyone is presumed innocent before proven guilty…except for mr trump, in his case he is guilty and needs to be proven innocent {because all my people wanted hillary to win}