I’ve heard countless times from liberal anti-Christians: The Bible wants us to pay higher taxes in order to help the poor. By receiving a tax cut, we are taking money away from the poor. Especially by cutting entitlements, which is supposed to be the next step for Republicans in Congress, we are shirking our Christian responsibility to care for the least of these. This is the leftist’s argument for Socialism, and anti-Christian socialists have been making it for decades.

Christ never established or suggests or endorses any State-sponsored system by which these things will be achieved. He makes it much simpler for us. He puts the onus not on politicians or bureaucrats but on someone else entirely: you.

Christ wants you to take your own money and give it to the needy in your community. No matter the tax rate, this obligation is not fulfilled — it does not even begin to be fulfilled — by paying your taxes. It especially is not fulfilled by sitting to the side while your neighbor pays his taxes and shoulders more of the so-called “charity” burden than you.

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