Anti American Athletes

“It’s been a time honored American tradition to this past half century to avoid discussing religion and politics and escape into sports because it is not seen as devisive and universally American as mom, the flag and Apple pie. And now by this protest America and the American flag you are attacking family, freedom, and comfort which they hold most dear and sacred. But now when you make sports anti-American you now force fans who avoided those subjects their anger and their wrath. Want to destroy a career? Want to destroy an entire industry speak and demonstrate against the United States in a way everyone sees it where they cannot avoid it. I personally want to thank the NFL, and athletes who make their statement by kneeling in protest of the American flag. Cause they now have offended those types who avoided politics out of fear of preserving the peace in a bid to be liked who retreated into sports as a safe comfort. And now they are not even allowed that. And they don’t like being disrespected. What took the better part of a century to build in public popularity this bringing politics into sports killed all the time, money and personal investment by players, coaches, leagues and the entire franchise. From the bottom of my heart thank you. You succeeded where I have failed. In smacking and getting the tune out sports crowd’s attention and anger to where they will backlash against those who are trying to destroy our country. Because if the league and owners and players don’t condemn these anti American statements they will all go broke overnight. This is another glorious example of me literally thanking God for my enemies.” Robert Simmons September 27, 2017

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