Right to Protest

Daryl Maddox -Granted, one may certainly be pointed at for bashing another’s right to protest. After all, it is part of being “American”. But I’ve been taken aback by the absolute permeation of FB with this topic and the uniformity in reaction. It speaks loudly about something else, I think. 

The return of a deeper care for the nation is driving the left absolutely insane. Does it never fail they have a hateful message to send, typically based on nothing of substance, not reflecting any reality whatsoever? 

Now, we might hear how so-and-so has the right to say this or that, to do such and such. Great. Good for them. Likewise, we, the American people, have the right to shrug them off and declare our intolerance of any furtherance of their hatred and spite for not simply the nation but the very people who, turns out, make up the majority of it. 

Their baseline is fiction. Their reasoning is superfluous, empty. The more they attack the ‘common’ person out across the country, the very people who have afforded them to be semi-literate multi-millionaires, the more firmly set America’s resolve becomes to reclaim her standing, rebuild what was so badly torn down around us. 

It may strike some in the country as a silly thing. Perhaps it is in and of itself. But what it represents deeper down is not silly at all. For years so many have had to sit and watch as the attacks came non-stop against their livelihoods, their culture, their heritage, their very identities. All the traditions that gave us meaning were lambasted and flogged, everything from saying a simple “Merry Christmas” to wanting designated restrooms. It was one hell of an onslaught we’ve been through. 

So, I understand where people are coming from. We’re still trying to dig out from the massive unemployment, the astronomically inflated and increased cost of healthcare, the unprecedented, unimaginable cost increases in energy. Who can blame folks for being on-edge and resentful as hell against a privileged group of entertainers who swim in luxurious wealth then have the audacity to shove it in our faces? 

At least there is some benefit to all the turmoil being brewed up these days: we can readily see where the primary sources of unrest and trouble are originating, who the nation-destroyers are. The question then becomes: what are we going to do with that knowledge? I’m applauding what I’m seeing that turn out to be. Don’t be dissuaded. Keep going. A huge difference is being realized whether those who hate us and their nation realize it or not. 

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