Left-Wing Protestors

In every video clip I have seen of these criminals destroying our nation’s historical monuments one thing I have noticed is they all scream about “stopping the hate”.  Ok buffoons tell us EXACTLY what it is you are doing by destroying public property over monuments that have been around since long before the turn of the century, & all of a sudden, you are all now OFFENDED?
Just what kind of logical sense does this make to any one of you? Not that a single one of you have the capability to think logically. And since you are all on this stop the hate kick, what about the gross hatred all of you are showing to our President?
The disrespect you inflict on this man daily is so beyond what any of us could ever withstand. What you criminals deserve is a  prison sentence.

Oh, I recognize these useful idiots are doing exactly what their teachers taught them and their religious overlords – Islam.  Islam is the religion that demonstrated that you had to destroy the past so you could recreate it in your world view, and thus create the future that you want.   Dictatorships, Totalitarians, Cults (religious or political), and any other ideology that wants to control it’s citizens do the same thing.  Standard playbook actually.

“The Left wants to destroy and remove any Confederate imagery as part of our heritage to celebrate the abolition of Slavery.  Now there are calls for tearing down statues of Teddy Roosevelt.  And what then?  Erase our history like George Washington and Jefferson and anything that uniquely defines our identity as Americans as free?  The race baiting poverty pimp, Al Sharpton, has recently advocated the erasing from history of Jefferson on PBS.  The Lincoln memorial now vandalized. The Left is never satisfied and are always reaching for their next bigger step. Tearing down Churches and rounding up Christians and Jews just like the Nationalised Socialists did. When are people going to admit fascism came to America. Liberal Fascism. And Ronald Reagan openly predicted it.”

Just know that if President Trump had spoken without knowing all the facts, they would have CRUCIFIED him also!!! Know THIS also!!!!! EVIL does NOT like to be found out and exposed!!!! As long as President Trump is committed to draining the deep entrenched swamp in DC and around the country, the originator of sin and evil will FIGHT him and those that support him. DIG IN YOUR HEELS AND SUPPORT PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!!  MAGA  via a Great Awakening!  pastorwardclinton.com

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