Robert E Lee

History is watching us now.
Victor Wright –
Thank God we finally have a fair minded person in the White House, in President Trump, that won’t allow the media to tell him or us what we see with our own eyes.
Will Bates –
Robert E Lee was married to George Washingtons granddaughter.  He worked with Grant during the Mexican-American war and became a decorated war hero defending this country. General Lee spent several months outside of New Orleans at Jackson Baracks to prevent the war from spreading to our city. He protected and kept this city safe and as such was honored and memorialized for this in the form of a statue.
He believed slavery was a great evil and his wife broke the law by teaching slaves to read and write. After the civil war he worked with Andrew Johnson’s program of reconstruction. He became very popular with the northern states and the Barracks at West Point were named in his honor in 1962. He was a great man who served this country his entire life in some form or other. His memorial is now being called a blight. No American military veteran should be treated as such. People keep yelling, “You can’t change history.”
Sadly you can. 😞 This is no better than book burnings. ISIS tried rewriting history by destroying historical artifacts. Is that really who we want to emulate?
As they tear down this “blight” keep these few historical facts in your mind. No military veteran and highly decorated war hero should ever be treated as such. This is not Iraq and that is not a statue of Sadam. Lee protected and kept this city safe during the Mexican American war and this is how we repay him.~

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