Make Your Character Great

Greater than common interest is common character. If characters are similar, interests can be made to harmonize in some way. Young people may be drawn together by sex appeal, but this will not last without the background of character. The pooling of their finances or economic ability may influence them, but this cannot last without kindred character structure.  In rare instances we hear of love at first sight that really lasts.  Sometimes a hasty marriage is successful, but the chances against it are too great, the risk too enormous.  A man may accidentally run into a gold mine, but the rule is that gold mines are found by those who intelligently seek for them and often at personal sacrifice and danger.  The same is true in marriage.  Some marriages are like the grab bag.  Who can afford the danger of a mistake?  Mistakes are entirely too many, even with careful effort to avoid them.  What should guide one in this important hour?  The answer is character.  What kind of character do I want to live with all of my life?  That question should be carefully considered and answered by every person.

An excerpt from my book “Life’s Fundamental Choices”

–Pastor Ward Clinton

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