Make America Good Again

Most people would like to have a right social order, but this is possible only with a right condition in those who make up this order.  The form of government possessed by any people is more or less the product of the character of the masses under that government.  The American system of governance, which is a Representative Republic, is possible if the people under this form of government live up to certain standards of life and character.  They must be intelligent, law-abiding, liberty-loving, and respectful of others’ rights.  They must believe in freedom of speech, freedom of association, and freedom of worship.   When the people in general fall below these standards, the way is opened for another form of government to arise.  If the people demand liberty, they will get it.  But if they are willing to sell their souls for a “mess of pottage,” they will become slaves to those who buy them.  Bill Clinton sold his morals for power, not that he was unique in that aspect but our founders warned us to select only persons of high moral fiber to the offices of governance in our nation and we have suffered the consequences for failing to heed their instruction.  Hope is high that with Donald J. Trump we may see a brand-new Great Awakening take place in our nation with a renewing of the founding covenant with God.  The Welfare program is another example of “mess of pottage.”

An excerpt from my book “Life’s Fundamental Choices”

–Pastor Ward Clinton

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