Great Spirits have always received Opposition

Great Spirits have always received violent opposition from mediocre minds.”  Albert Einstein

Who wants to admit their minds or abilities are mediocre?  Most people like to think they are of at least average intelligence and capability, if not slightly above average.

But when faced with great intelligence or success in others, they are forced to confront their inadequacies.  Most people would rather not do that, so they leave the company of the intelligent or highly successful who make them feel bad.  They really shouldn’t do that because the best way to improve is to learn from them and thereby improve your own standing.

Some strike back psychologically by opposing their ideas as if the idea itself is faulty.  By this action they can make themselves feel superior again without putting forth the effort for actual self-improvement.  After all, if they know more about some idea than that other guy, they ain’t so smart now, are they?

We see this dynamic play out often in politics.  It’s hard to get far in public life in America by being actually smart.  Voters usually prefer the “regular guy,” the guy “they can have a beer with,” not the highly successful types.  Besides, the usual dynamic of my side is right and the other side is wrong, there is also that fear of being shown up in the intelligence arena.  Better to vote for the regular Joe, and to make fun of anyone who claims to know better especially if they have demonstrated that they do know better ways to do things like President Trump has demonstrated and continues to do so.

The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.” – Albert Einstein

Keep praying for America and President Trump  —Pastor Ward Clinton

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