Islam is a Political Ideology of Subjugation

Let’s remember that King Zero also irrationally blames guns for “gun violence.” So when he fails to identify Islam as the driving force behind terrorism, no one should be surprised. The inconvenient truth that is rejected by liberals is that Islam presents a problem in the modern world, and is the primary threat to Western civilization. Of course liberals almost always counter with something like, “But Christians kill people too.” Perhaps, but nowhere near as often. There is no equivalent to jihadism in Christianity. What we’re really talking about here is a 1,400-year-old historical pattern. When you read up on Islam, as I have done, you realize that the vast majority of its history has been a history of war, invasion, killing the “infidel” or at least taxing the dickens out of them, whereby a so-called religion becomes a political ideology of subjugation.  Oh, by the way, they define infidel as anyone not believing precisely the same way as they do; not unlike the political left.

Pastor Ward Clinton

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