Race-baiting Poverty Pimps

And of course, Al Sharpton, the outspoken ‘race-baiter extrordinaire’ and liberal black activist continues bashing Trump and accusing him of poisoning the atmosphere leading up to the incidents in Charlottesville, Virginia… He had no problem screaming ‘Kill The Cops’ while marching with BLM thugs in Baltimore shortly before 2 Baltimore Officers were shot and killed 2 days later and he has no problem overlooking the fact that his buddy, Gov. Terry Mcauliffe issued a Stand Down Order to Charlottesville Police allowing radical groups like Antifa and BLM to infiltrate the peaceful protest and create violence to disrupt the rally…

You are a true racist Al Sharpton, and Americans have had enough of you poisoning the atmosphere with your racist garbage but then that is the face of the Democrat party.

The Democrat Party is the party of race-bating poverty pimps; always has been and still is.