New Democrat Party Symbol

The whiny little snowflakes of the left like to compare those they oppose to Hitler and now they have started a movement to mark people in a fashion reminiscent of the Nazis.  They are marking themselves and, in their opinion, giving a negative mark to those who refuse to fall in lockstep with themselves.

diaper pin Democrats.jpg

It is so funny and appropo that the “Nazi” and “Fascist” insults that they throw out has boomeranged right back upon those silly lefties.  In their ignorance of the term they fail to realize that it quite accurately describes their mindset, attitudes, and actions.

Therefore those who don the diaper pin are showing that they are bigots who ar so weak and pathetic that they can’t handle people wth differing opinions.  The people who are doing the dividing and rioting in this country are the liberals who falsely claim to be “tolerant” and “inclusive” while their words and actions demonstrate otherwise.

Like a friend of mine says: “Let them protest.  Let them riot.  If you look at the map, the protests are taking place in areas where ‘dependocrats’ reign supreme.  The protests aren’t happening in conservative areas because, well quite fankly, we don’t need to call the police; we deal with it before it gets too far.

Let them protest.  Let them loot and riot.  Dependocrats, this is what you support and you should reap the ‘rewards’ …in your own backyard.”

It is time to take their participation trophies away and stop those who have been brainwashing these little snowflakes to that they can learn how to live in the real world.  Proof of involvement by Soros, Sharpton, and Moore is starting to be revealed showing that some of the rioters are being paid to organize and agitate.

–Pastor Ward Clinton

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