Recieve the Holy Spirit – John 20:22

Unfortunately, the “Church” has not been living up to the full potential of its Christian confession for the last few decades in the west, specifically America.  Nor can it unless there abides in the individual believers the life and power derived from Jesus, The Christ, Himself.

If we are to be The Christ’s representatives in this fallen world as we are called to be, we must have a greater presence of Christis life in us.  If we are to be the light of the world as Christ has called us then we must bask in the glow of the Son so that we may more accurately reflect Him.  He is the source of the strength and life to us Christ following people.  So it is that when we look at the ifficulties of our task of making disciples then take measure of our own feebleness against the work that lies before us.

If a follower of Jesus does not take his vessel to the source of power then his vessel remains near empty, though the power continues to be readily available to whomever will trust and obey.

–Pastor Ward Clinton

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