Hillary’s Negatives are over 50%

Hillary’s negatives are over 50%…probably well over 50% and might even be closer to 75% if the truth were told by the left-wing media.  Because her disapproval numbers are so high, The Atlantic put out a puff-peice claiming America loves Hillary.

However CNN’s “Road to 270” map has been adjust to reflect a bit closer to reality (she seems to have lost 50 to 60 electorial votes in the last three weeks).

The left has been using the polling data as a weapon against the candidate they oppose but in these last few days before the actual vote will be known they are starting to come closer to telling the truth:  If they are too far away from what the actual outcome proves to be then they will lose credibility and the ability to generate revenue from producing polling data.

Remember, Vote Trump, save America.

–Pastor Ward Clinton

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