Many of us do not share Donald Trump’s past values, but we do love our country. In my opinion, it is not about him. It is about:1. Who will preserve and a protect the constitution?

2. Who will protect the second amendment?

3. Who will not send your son or daughter into harms way unless 

there is a good reason.

4. Who does not support partial-birth abortion?

5. Who wants to fix our inner cities and our infrastructure?

6. Who will improve our economy and bring jobs back to the USA?

7. Who is a nationalist and not a globalist?

8. Who will protect our vets from dying in the streets and on park benches and get them help when they need it?

9. Who supports our police, firemen, military men and women?

10. Who will protect our borders from criminal elements and terrorist? 

11. Who will not leave Americans to die in foreign countries under the hands of terrorist?

12. Who is now a professed Christian and changed man according to many Christian leaders and pastors?

These are just a few reasons I am voting for Donald Trump.


-Pastor Ward Clinton

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