Today is the Day; Vote Trump

.KNOW WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR COUNTRY ???The answer is us..We have been letting the government run us instead of working for us..They pass laws we don’t like and we do nothing..They take God away from us and we do nothing..We know there is corruption in our government and we do nothing..We have a corrupt crooked person ruining for president and we do nothing..We have a president that is destroying our country and we do nothing..We have illegals flooding our country ,because of Obama and we do nothing..Well hell why shouldn’t they just keep doing what there doing destroying are country we do nothing..It’s time we all make sure we get the right people in congress and the right person for president and make sure we have a say if we want to have God in our schools if we want men in the ladies rooms if we think abortions are okay at 36 week or not,,If we want to fly our own flag in our own country…We have a president not a dictator right…That’s what is wrong are president Obama never did work for us he had other things on he’s mind for this country…Now it’s our turn to make our country great with the help of a person that loves our country like we do AND THAT IS TRUMP !!!! Please if you love our country and want a safe place for your children he will do that for us,,,,GET OUT THERE AND DO SOMETHING VOTE TRUMP !!!!!

–Pastor Ward Clinton

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