It was a Black Cop who shot the Black Thug


Of course that won’t stop the race-baiting poverty pimp pictured above from doing the only thing he actually knows how to do, which is stirring up trouble (for personal profit).  Yes, Al Sharpton is a profiteering Community Agitator who profits from the misery of others; a misery which he has sometimes slyly manufactured.

Sharpton is the sort of “Ambulance Chaser” who seeks any opportunity to stir up the community and then tells businesses and municipalities that he is the only one, for a fee of course, who can calm the community down.

Sharpton was initially opposed to a Barak Presidency, most likely out of a fear that racial division would be completely eradicated in the USA.  Fortunately, for Al, and unfortunately for the rest of us, Obama has proven to be the most divisive President ever.

–Pastor Ward Clinton

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