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The left only wants to take everything away from you, without consideration of the work that you do – and the contributions to the economy that you make.
Joe Schilling
After a little research and math I came up with some interesting numbers. Since opening day in 1962, Walmart has had about $8 Trillion in sales. The Walton family’s worth $150 Billion. Their net worth is only 1.8% of Walmart’s all time sales. The Average combined sales tax rate (state and local) across America is 6.44%. Fluctuation of tax rates aside, the numbers go to show that Walmart’s existence is responsible for funding our state and local governments with $512,000,000,000 ($512 Billion) or 341% of the Walton family’s net worth. The Walton’s are only making $0.36 (36 cents) every time you spend $20 at Walmart, while our state/local governments are making an average of $1.29 every time you spend $20.
Bottom line: Walmart has done more good for Government in sales tax alone than its done for the Walton family. ‪#‎feelthejoe‬

I thought that was what it’s all about…the American a business and become successful. And I bet Sam Walton did more positive things for his community then bernie ever thought of.  – Pastor Ward Clinton

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