The Hateful Message of Black Lives Matter


  • 03/01/2016 .Source: AAN  .by: Jackson Richman

The words of the movement “Black Lives Matter” is reminiscent to the rhetoric of 1930s Germany where only “Aryan Lives” mattered. Let’s be clear: This rhetorical comparison is not correlated to the actions of the two movements. Both quotes imply that other lives don’t matter.    In Pre-WWII Germany the bigoted rhetoric against those who were not Aryan including, but not limited to, Jews and the disabled, created a divide that led to genocide. Though America is not on that course, the hateful rhetoric accompanying “Black Lives Matter” underscores Benjamin Franklin’s prophetic message:  United we stand, divided we fall. This hateful rhetoric exemplifies the latter.   Lives Matter. History has not always been kind to Blacks and other minorities. Jews suffered through exiles,  pogroms, and the Holocaust (included the discriminatory Nuremberg Laws). Blacks suffered through slavery, lynching, and Democratic Jim Crow laws, which promoted segregation.   What’s thematic is differentiating between who’s human and who’s not. That theme is nothing but barbaric. I’m alive today because those in my family, especially my grandmother, survived Hitler’s slaughter-fest. My grandmother was in an orphanage when German soldiers approached and were about to take her into custody. However, due to logistical reasons they were unable to do so. The orphanage took action and a Christian family hid her on their farm in France. That Christian family believed this Jewish life mattered. There were people like this family known as Righteous Gentiles. They believed that innocent lives matter regardless of their background. – See more at:

It is time to confront this bigoted, sadistic, and uncivilized movement that conservative radio talk show host Mark Levin labels, “a civil wrongs group… the old Black Panther movement.” History’s themes, such as bigotry, repeat themselves for better or worse.

All lives matter. Thug lives don’t.  Source: AAN – :


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