Tashfeen Malik, where are photos?

san bernadino terrorists 2.jpg

How do you NOT have photos of the female, I thought she was given a Visa to be in the US?  Is it because every photo on record has her in a hijab? The Obama administration has been trying to deny any links to “Islamic Terrorism.”   Tashfeen Malik is believed to have posted her pledge to ISIS leader and self-proclaimed “caliph” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi shortly before the attack, in which she and her husband, Syed Rizwan Farook, stormed a San Bernardino party for his co-workers before escaping. She wasn’t declaring some grievance against her husband’s workplace, apparently.

The Daily Mail reports The pair died hours later in a shootout with police, and in the aftermath the 29-year-old Pakistani woman has remained largely a name without a face. No confirmed pictures of her have surfaced, and few details have emerged.

The pledge, posted on Facebook under another name and then deleted, was reported by The Associated Press, citing federal sources. It provided a fresh clue to Malik’s identity and motivation. The aura of mystery surrounding Malik has given rise to suspicions she may have been the radicalizing force who turned her new husband from an aloof county restaurant inspector into her cohort in carnage, an Islamist fanatic capable of murdering co-workers who had embraced him for years.

One thought on “Tashfeen Malik, where are photos?

  1. Now that we are finally being allowed to see photos of her early suspicions that they were trying desperately to find a photo of her without a hijab have been vindicated. One of the very first press releases that was held after the names were finally released was with the unindicted co-conspirator with Hamas, CAIR.
    As more information comes out it becomes very clear that these two people were Islamists with ties to ISIS but the “PC” crowd does not want us to say that.


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