WHoly Christian, Wake up Call

From my book “WHoly Christian”:

Man is but a reed, the weakest thing in nature, but he is a thinking reed.  It is not necessary that the entire universe arm itself to crush him.  A breath of air, a drop of water, suffices to kill him.  But were the universe to crush him, man would still be more noble than that which kills him; because he knows that he dies, and the universe knows nothing of the advantage it has over him.  — Pascal, Thoughts, xviii, xi

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.  Ladies and gentlemen that is not just an archaic typing exercise; it really is a call to action of the sort which is so desperately needed at this point in time.  For the last few decades in America there have been a few voices, although we need more, attempting to sound the alarm that we are headed for serious trouble if we do not return wholeheartedly to God in accordance with 2nd Chronicles 7:14.

There is another phrase which is, unfortunately, not yet archaic but it really needs to be made so due to the fact that, at best, it has its roots in the “PC” crowd and its primary purpose is to censor certain type of thought; while hopefully avoiding creeping into the arena of conspiracy theories, that phrase actually may have a far more nefarious purpose.  Regardless of the phrase, there are two things that all Americans absolutely should be talking about, especially conservative Americans:  Politics and religion; one may only affect your life here while the other will affect your life in the here and the hereafter.

Old historic documents, also known as genuine American history, as opposed to the progressive propaganda presently permeating our public “educational” system, actually reveal that, in the years following the founding of the USA as a representative republic, nearly everyone routinely discussed both because they believed the then common adage that the way to maintain freedom was for everyone to be fully informed regarding politics and religion.

Therefore I contend the concept of silencing public discourse regarding politics and religion is rooted in a liberal-progressive idea which has as its goal the dumbing down of the populace in order to gain control and firmly establish an elitist ruling class, and for that reason, today’s Christian cannot afford the luxury of loafing.

–Pastor Ward Clinton

2 thoughts on “WHoly Christian, Wake up Call

  1. […] If Obama is the 12th Imam, or Antichrist, as some suspect he may be, he will be quite angry once he realizes that the “Christian” churches he had associated with weren’t Christian in God’s viewpoint.  We all know there are some churches who have “Pastors” who don’t know who or what God is.  If you are a member of a church like that … Why?  God calls us to be Wholy Christian. […]


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