Winners and losers in Obama’s Iran Deal

Winners and losers in Obama’s Iran deal:

Iran, of course.  At least $150 billion in previously frozen assets released.  Rumors abound that up to 700 billion may be given to them my Obama.  He may truly fancy himself to be the twelfth imam and is trying to personally ingratiate himself to the Ayatollahs who are looking for the re-emergence of their long-lost imam whom they believe lives in a particular well.  That well, which many Moslems make an annual pilgrimage to is, coincidentally, called by the same name as the “bottomless pit” of the Holy Bible.

Russia – Iran’s staunchest ally.

Syria – Bassar Assad has already sent a congratulatory letter to Kahmmenei.  Iran has poured billions into propping up Assad.

Hezbollah – Iranian backed Lebanese Militia

Hamas – Iran’s front group

Some European energy companies will also benefit from Obama’s ill-advised Iranian nuke deal.

We can also expect to see some East Asia energy-sector investments taking place.


Now lets take a look at who are some of the losers in the Obama administration’s Iran:

Israel – of course.

America – Iran has been emboldened, they have essentially been given the green-light to build nuclear weapons.

All of the above “winners” – All of the above listed winners will ultimately become losers because of this bad, very bad, deal.

The entire world – Seriously!  Wake up and smell the coffee!  Saudi Arabia is now going to feel the need to acquire nuclear weapons in a vain effort to try to protect itself.  Other countries are guaranteed to follow suit, primarily for the same reason.  Therefore the whole region is going to become vastly more unstable.

If Mr Obama really is the Twelfth Imam as he apparently fancies himself to be then he is the only one who will “win” with this deal.  However, Mr Obama, I have read the end of the book already and… *Spoiler Alert* you lose!

– Pastor Ward Clinton

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