The Truth About “Palestine”

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There is no Palestine! Palestine was a Roman insult, Hadrian renamed the province Syria-Palestina after the Bar-Kochba revolt against Rome around 122AD. Right from the start in 1948 the arabs refused to co-exist with the Jewish people. If anything Israel is too soft with the Arabs. Israel is Jewish and will always be so.

–Pastor Ward Clinton


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What happens on Judgement Day when everyone wishes they listened to those professing the name of Jesus as Savior? Why would we let all of them be lost? Why wouldn’t we serve Him? What happens when He asks us why we tolerated all the false gods and all the lies? People will be screaming at Christians for not insisting on Jesus! And sadly, there will be those who never believed in Him even at that moment! Many will harbor their grudges even at the end!

In 2016 millions of Christians were praying for God to give us one more chance and to bless America again and make candidate Trump President.  God has blessed us and given, probably our last chance, at becoming a truly Godly country standing with Israel and showing how awesome God is as well as who He is – the God of Father Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  Jesus the Christ is the Savior of souls; is no other Savior.