Islam sucks

The cult of death is waging a war against everyone.

One of the sad realities within the local church today centers on the fact that numerous born-again Christians have little or no knowledge of the spiritual warfare that takes place all around us. The Bible is crystal clear in proclaiming that there is a battle raging in the spiritual realms as the forces of evil continue to wage war against not only the Creator, but also against all who trust in Christ Jesus as Savior and Lord.

As believers in the holy one of the one true God, Jesus The Christ, we may often wonder if there is anything we can do to counter the attacks our spiritual enemy hurls at us.  Yes, we can, and we must because we are the Children of The Light and we know that the way of Muhammad is the way of death and destruction which leads to the eternal darkness for all those entrapped in that system.

As Genesis 3 shows us, the Prince of Darkness’ desire is not only to destroy our lives, but also to weaken and sever the relationships we hold dear. We might all agree that Adam and Eve were both at fault for their disobedience and rebellion against God’s commandments but while they initiated the blame game they were not able to escape the consequences of their failure to stand and do the right thing.

As for the followers of Muhammad, the words of Deuteronomy chapter 32 come to mind, “Their rock is not our Rock,” and their rock shall not prevail against the Lord of life, light, and love.  Now is the time for us to stand and inform them that they may leave the path that leads to eternal darkness and join us in following the true path that leads to everlasting life.

The cult of death will lose and the time to leave it is now.

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