Talking About God

Jesus v Muhammad

I’m a theologian.

Now I don’t know what thoughts just came into your head when you read that.  What I know is that I tend to have a slightly erroneous picture formulate in my own head. (But i’m getting better)

Many of us Christians tend to think of theology as an abstract academic discipline with little bearing on day-to-day Christian life and activity.  Therefore one of the first things we ought to do is to understand what theology is.  Theos (God) logos (word); it means a word about God.

There is Christian theology, Muslim theology and atheist theology as well as a few others.  …Atheist theology?  …Oh yes, some atheists absolutely obsess on the God whom they vehemently deny exists and then they go to great effort, expending lots of energy and time, to try to get rid of the God they claim to not believe in…is that weird or what?

It is no wonder, then, that God calls them what He does.

Muslim theology is based on the Koran while Christian theology is talking and thinking about God in a distinct way based upon the Holy Bible which, even the Koran acknowledges, is the uncorrupted holy book of God.  Sadly, for the followers of Mohammad, most of them don’t seem to be aware of that fact.  That is understandable because of all the confusing contradictions contained in each of the various versions of the Koran.

Every Christian, by definition, knows God, thinks about God, and makes statements about God.  Therefore every Christian is a theologian; some are better at it than others but every child of God is supposed to be a good theologian and that is accomplished by studying and knowing what is actually in the Holy Bible and what is not.  Some, if they are asked to open their Bible to something like 2nd Hezekiah 3:16 will search and search while others will quietly smile.  It is an indicator of the level of theological understanding, not the best indicator, but it is one.

I am an above average theologian but every Christian should be at least at my current level.  I did not get to my current level of theological comprehension without lots of study and help from fellow Christians; however I am far from where I really should be.

If every Christian were a better theologian the world would be a far better place than it currently is.

…to be continued…

–Pastor Ward Clinton

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