Iran Blinks

IRAN BLINKS having sent a fake attack last night that only hurt a few Iraqis no Americans were even injured and no infrastructure on our 2 air bases in Iraq were damaged…
POTUS TRUMP is the first POTUS to actually change Irans behavior in 40 years!!! Essentially, Taking out Suleimani Irans 2nd most powerful leader sent a message to the Ayatollah that we can put a Missile right through his front window or blow up any building he is in any where in the world… My friends, Iran’s foreign Minister called his counterpart in Finland and told them hours before the so called strike exactly what they were going to do so that the USA troops could prepare… First time in 40 years Iran has ever done that and that is because they are scared silly we are going to destroy the whole countries infrastructure which we must do eventually so Iran never gets a Nuke Bomb….Trump has handled this whole situation brilliantly!!!!

The event last night with the 15 rockets was a non-event used by the Ayatollah for domestic propaganda only.

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