Democrat Propaganda Machine

A couple of years ago Rep West said, “If Joseph Goebbels was around, he’d be very proud of the Democrat Party because they have an incredible propaganda machine.”

A couple of democrats tried to chide him for telling the truth on them and he said in response, “The Democrat Party does indeed have a vicious propaganda machine, it espouses lies and deceit and the master of deception would be very proud.”

The Associated Press then tried to claim this was “Not only willful misapplication of history, but also his disdain for the decorum of Congress.”

“Disdain for the decorum,” that is so hilarious because the last two years of the phony Collusion Delusion has proven Mr. West to be so much more right than we had any way of knowing at the time. The Democrats insatiable lust for power and lack of morals has been on full display as they have viciously and maliciously attacked U.S. President #45 whom we have every legitimate reason to believe has been especially anointed by God for such a time as this.

2nd Chronicles 7:14 and Ecclesiastes 10:2

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