Pelosi got Played

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“I just got an email from somebody sending me the latest Donald Trump tweet, and the person sending me the email said, ‘This is uncanny. Is he listening to you today?’ So in the first hour of this program, I made mention of the fact that I love the idea in the Washington Post. They’ve got this very cutting story claiming that White House officials tried to pressure immigration authorities into releasing detained illegal aliens into sanctuary cities…

“…The Washington Post claims it was planned as a way to retaliate against Trump’s political adversaries. But if you read to the eighth and ninth paragraph, the Washington Post admits that it was just a blue-sky idea in a meeting where people were bandying a bunch of things around and nothing ever got proposed. And yet their headline, their headline – and by the way, it’s all over the rest of the media now:

“…’White House Proposed Releasing Immigrant Detainees in Sanctuary Cities, Targeting Political Foes.’ Well, I raised a very obvious question. Why would this be ‘Targeting’ them? Isn’t this what they want? Hasn’t Pelosi called illegal aliens ‘Little Gifts of Love’? And doesn’t San Francisco house a bunch of illegals, happily so, in sanctuary cities? ‘How could this be targeting anybody?’ I said. “Why don’t they welcome them?

“…Why aren’t sanctuary cities calling the White House and saying, ‘Finally, we’re on the same page. We’ll be glad to take them. We will happily take these little gifts of love’? I went through 20 minutes of this pointing out the sheer hypocrisy. “How in the world can this be a bad thing? Sanctuary cities love sanctuary cities. They love themselves. They love illegal immigrants. Pelosi calls ’em ‘Little Gifts of Love.’ How in the hell can flooding sanctuary cities with illegals be ‘targeting political foes’ unless they don’t really want them…?

“Unless this sanctuary city thing is just some bogus construct to fool a bunch of gullible, lunatic leftists who need a continuing reason to hate Donald Trump?”

~ Derek

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