Relax America, not yet time to panic.

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The mainstream media is attempting to weaponize the reporting of the Corrona Virus (COVID-19) situation against Trump because of their hatred for those of us on the right.

Don’t let the media manipulate you and continue their lies in their efforts to despirit you. The Russian collusion delusion exposed corruption on the Democrat side, The Ukraine thing exposed Quid Pro Joe Biden, the Impeachment Hoax failed, and we will weather this as well.

God Bless President Trump and may God Bless America as well.

Democrat Squad

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the majority of hate, racism and fear comes from the left. Want an example? Ok… Antifa. Omar, Shumer, Cortez, radical women’s organizations, and those are just a few hate filled examples. How about fear? Ok, Rachel Maddow, occupy democrats, cnn, msnbc, Huffington post, Bill Maher, Alyssa Milano, the majority of Hollywood…of course they can all be grouped into the hatred category also. I can go on.

Their sole purpose is to control America. They have an insatiable lust for the power. Trump disturbs their “spider web” of deceit, greed and control. That is why they now hate the man they used to suck-up to when he was just a billionaire businessman.