Trump vs the Left

It is a hard thing when the godly are troubled by wicked men; but much harder when they are troubled by persons in positions of power.

First, by reason of their position: the greater power they have, the greater peril to encounter with their displeasure; therefore Solomon said, “The wrath of a king is the messenger of death.”

Second, because authorities and powers are ordained by God, not for terror of the good but of the evil ones. It is no small grief to the godly when they find themselves abused to a contrary end; so that where a ruler should be to good men like a gentle rain is to the fields newly sown but instead we find that she becomes a favorer of evil men (lefties) and a persecutor of the good, then justice is turned into bile and that which should be a comfort to such as fear God is used to oppress them.

Therefore is should be accounted a great benefit from God, when He gives a people good and religious rulers. The Christians in the primitive Church who were sorely troubled by the bloody persecution of Nero and Domitian counted it a great blessing when under Nerva the persecution was relented. Although he did not profess Christ, he did not persecute them. What then should we think of a President who is not only a protector of the Church but a professor himself? The MSM and other assorted leftists are angered and digging up dirt, even where it doesn’t exist in order to persecute the man God has raised up for such a time as this because he stands in direct opposition to their unholy agenda. But, blessed be God who has given many glorious deliverances already to his appointed anointed.

It is a characteristic of wicked society that it condemns the good. It is time for the good to unite and bring about a reformation and restoration of our nation to its founding principles; Judeo-Christian principles.

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