Dems go Low

The American Democrats have become the party of lunatics like Maxine, Nancy, Elizabeth, Gov Moonbeam, Fredericka Wilson, Keith Ellison, Chuck Schumer, Kierstan Gillabrand, Mayor DeBlasio, etc.  …total wackos… yes I realize I am being very kind and generous in my assessment.

Democrats supported the Lexington, VA restaurant, the Red Hen, for refusing to serve White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and those with her.  What’s “odd” is that they just spent an entire year arguing the government should force businesses to serve everyone – except, apparently, Republicans.

Mad Maxi and company continue to prove that she s a bitter, hateful person and she really represents much of the Democratic leadership.  It is embarrassing to have other countries see what kind of bigoted trash America allows to be in government positions.

Maxine is poisoning the minds of anyone crazy enough to listen.  She is a racist, a real one.  It is sometimes puzzling to see how many people seem to fail to recognize that fact about her.

in the 1930s the German National Socialist Workers Party called for the same thing that Mad Max is now calling for only at that time their “enemy” was the Jewish people yet Maxine Waters and other Democrats like her are calling President #45 a Nazi.  Everyone needs to wake up to the danger emanating from those of her mindset and ideology.

Social transformation without real representation.  Its all part of the plan to take down America and destroy us because we stand in the way of the creating of the One World Government which will be evil indeed.

Fake news media has been exposed, the mask s off, and President Trump is getting more popular by the day.  MAGA & MAGA (Make America Godly Again & Make America Great Again)

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