Anti Trumpers…

Trump really is the Picasso of tweeters. The following article by Wayne Allen Root …

Donald Trump’s tweets are not a mistake. This isn’t insanity. He’s not nuts. He’s not stupid.  Actually, he’s a genius. Trump is the Picasso of tweets. Monet meets Beethoven. The Saul Alinsky of conservatives and capitalists.  Trump is first politician from the right to figure out how to stop the radical left [or at least hinder their progressiveness].  [He does it] By driving them crazy. Trump has destroyed the left with tweets. Just look at them in disarray. From Kathy Griffin, to Jeff Tucker of CNN, to Bernie Sanders, to Megyn Kelly — liberals lay in smoldering ruins.

Branch Rickey once said, “Luck is the residue of design.” Maybe it’s time for liberals to admit that Trump’s crazy tweets aren’t so crazy after all.  They are purposeful. He’s driving liberals nuts with rage, while distracting them so they don’t even see what’s happening. Sure Trump’s tweets turn off lots of Democrats. Who cares? [I don’t.] Sure he turns off the media. Who cares? Sure he turns off plenty of young people who never vote. Who cares? Sure he turns off the people walking along Venice Beach or Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. Who cares? None of these people was ever voting for him in the first place. Many of them don’t vote at all.

[Leftist, reprobate] Liberals claim Trump is mentally ill. But he’s just much smarter than they are. He’s playing at a different level. Trump is doing “The Art of the Deal.” For Trump, it’s about winning. How he wins is immaterial. He doesn’t mind shocking, outraging, offending or even embarrassing himself. He is using guerrilla warfare to beat the left. Trump is deflecting and distracting his critics and enemies while he passes his entire agenda. While Trump is busy tweeting, offending, enraging and infuriating, he is quietly — behind scenes — fundamentally changing America. Or haven’t you noticed?

[I thank God that] Trump is erasing Obama like he never existed. Trump is demolishing the socialist dreams of Obama and Sanders and Hillary and Valerie Jarrett … and their radical Marxist mentor Saul Alinsky[, thank you, Lord].  Trump is destroying the Democrat Party — pushing it so far to the left it will have no chance in 2020.  Trump is destroying the media. Trump will keep his job far longer than CNN President Jeff Zucker. Wanna bet? Trump has destroyed Kathy Griffin’s career. The only head she cut off was her own. Trump has destroyed Megyn Kelly’s career.  [Well, actually Megyn really did that to herself via her loathsome bias, but Trump didn’t just roll over and play dead – he stood firm and called her out and his supporters cheered and rallied behind him.]  Advertisements for personal injury lawyers have higher ratings than Kelly’s new show. Bernie Sanders’s wife is under investigation for fraud. The careers of former FBI director James Comey and acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe are in tatters. McCabe is under three separate criminal investigations. A little birdie in government tells me Hillary Clinton and the entire Clinton Foundation will soon be under Federal indictment. There’s no more funding of liberal causes by Department of Justice lawsuits. The National Labor Relations Board is becoming pro-business. There’s no more political persecutions of conservatives by the IRS, DOJ or FBI.

Border crossings are down by 50 percent to 70 percent (depending on which stat you believe). Trump’s going after welfare for illegals [who NEVER should have been allowed to receive it]. Trump’s going after voter fraud by illegals. The travel ban is in effect. The number of Muslim refugees let into America is being cut dramatically. Soon, one way or another, there will be no more Obamacare. Soon, there will be no more high Obama taxes. (note: already happening) Soon, construction of a wall will begin. (note: already begun) Soon, Trump will get to name a second, and then a third, and maybe even a fourth U.S. Supreme Court justice. Trump’s Supreme Court will turn America red for the next 40 years.  Liberals are toast [for now, even though they are screaming like stuck pigs.  They are an evil that must be continually guarded against]. Obama is erased. Hillary will be tied up in court for years to come. Israel is our best friend again. The police and military are beloved and respected again. All is well in my world. How about yours? Trump has outwitted the left. Trump is an artist!