Non-practicing Christians

Stephen Bullivant’s Jun ’18 Pew study report stated that only 22% of Germans attend church once or more per month.  There were several other nations in the European Union listed with percentages.  “For this study Pew set the minimum level of attendance at once per month to be a practicing Christian.”  Only once per month?  I wonder what God thinks about that.  “The 46% of Europeans who identify as non-practicing Christians is significant not only because their numbers continue to grow compared to practicing Christians, but because they hold beliefs that stand in stark contrast to orthodox Christianity.”  Among other things, because they no longer believe in the God of the Bible, they are “Declaring belief in some numinous spiritual force that fits the imagined belief of what they would like God to be, they most often reject the stories, events, lessons, and message of the Bible.  They are overwhelmingly in support of gay marriage and abortion at a far higher rate than practicing Christians, two issues that set them at odds with traditional Christian values.”

Mr. Bullivant also points out, in many European countries “religiosity is no longer seen as normal or natural.  “Non-practicing Christians is an oxymoron but was used to be able to conduct the study.” – Stephen Bullivant

The above is an excerpt from my soon to be available everywhere book. –

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