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The problem a lot of people have is they want the baby in the manger, and loving part of God; But they can’t handle the fact that he is also a holy God and a God of judgment. He is angry with the ones He calls “wicked” and makes it very clear who they are in His holy book, the Bible.  Yes Jesus loves us he died once for all. But for the people who never repent he will say to them depart from me ye worker of iniquity I never knew you. Every knee will bow to him but sadly for some it will be too late for them.


3 thoughts on “WWJD

  1. …and Satan is busy deceiving, condemning and luring people, even believers, away from God. The battle is real! So many churches have gotten away from sharing truth and what people really need to hear. Disciples need to make disciples with help of Holy Spirit and God’s word, that fear God and follow his commands. It seems like many churches only want to teach that Christ forgives and saves and leave out the rest ( His Commands). 🙂

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