The Children are being Indoctrinated

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“The notion that the State should do that which is explicitly (and purposefully) reserved for the family and the church has become so normal after generations of State-run children’s mind-sculpting that most professing Christians in the land don’t even recognize this profound problem as a problem.

Ask a typical evangelical American – including most “leaders” within the church – whether State-run mind-molding of children should be acceptable within a Christian worldview and you’re likely to hear some version of: “But I went to public school and turned out just fine, so obviously it’s okay to send kids to public schools.”

When someone gives you that answer – or any of its numerous variants – you know that you are speaking with a thoroughly programmed disciple of the State who is so thoroughly programmed that they don’t even see it as programming…which is, of course, the end-product goal of State-run children’s education.”

–Scott Alan Buss

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