Trump SOTU Speech Shows…

TRUMP SHOWS HIS GREATNESS AT SOTU SPEECH…DEMS SHOW OUTRIGHT COMMUNIST IDEOLOGY! They are the Anti-American party. The let’s not stand up for the Red, White and Blue Party….The Red represents all of us who have bled to make America free and keep it free. They are the party of Big Government Rules and REGULATIONS exactly like the Communist party….Folks when the fact is that more Black Americans are employed NOW than ever in our history and the Black DEM/COMMIE Caucus cannot stand for the ovation….what you have in plain view of every American is the Party that HATES AMERICA FIRST…
WE MUST BEAT THEM BIGLY IN THE NEXT 2 ELECTIONS or be taken over, not by another party but by a RABID HATE AMERICA PARTY….How do you feel my Friends???

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