The Heart of the Wise Leans to the Right

Nancy Pelosi recently said that President Trump is trying “to make America white again.” The Wicked Witch of the West is wrong again, as usual. President Trump is simply trying to reassert the basic Christian values of hard work, personal responsibility, moral integrity and rule of law that built and prospered this nation.

Over the past few years Democrats have chosen to promote Islam and aggrandize, subsidize and legalize a ghetto subculture marked by irresponsibility, violence, lawlessness and moral bankruptcy. Simultaneously, Democrats have demonized Christianity and the free enterprise system that underpins our prosperity, while promoting socialism, a failed economic model which has invariably destroyed nations throughout eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America.

By creating a diabolical coalition of illegal aliens, militant homosexuals, socialists, disaffected blacks, Hispanics and feminists, Democrats were able to place a bigoted Marxist charlatan in the White House. Had they succeeded in following him with a lying, cheating, morally bankrupt demoness, it would have been the final death knell of freedom, prosperity and rule of law in this nation. By the grace of God, that did not happen.

If President Trump can restore the Christian ideals that built and prospered this nation, he will, indeed, make America great again. If not, greedy, ignorant and morally bankrupt voters will engender a lawless, socialist hellhole where politicians, bureaucrats and their cronies live like kings and everyone else struggles to survive.

May God deliver us from Democrats’ abomination and their evil agenda that has bastardized our land.

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