Demonrat Durban Lied

Jerry Manring9 hrs · The Demonrats really piss me off for claiming Trump said what he was accused of saying, in a private meeting, and especially in a meeting where they were supposed to hammer out their differences….all to come up with a compromise for the Crappa Daca scheme to get untold millions of more voters for the Alinsky Party. So…..what did the Demonrats do? They went crying to their buddies in the Fake News –knowing they will write it up as the evilest, heartless thing Trump has ever done, and that this would get a number of countries to bad-mouth Trump. This, they hoped, would force Trump to cave in and try to prove he is not a heartless racist and would say yes to the Daca deal to prove he is not a racist. By the way, have you seen all the Blacks who came out of the woodwork to criticize Trump for this ALLEDGED comment? Again, I refer you to the purpose and agenda of their unhinged platform and party.

On another note, I know a handful of liberals who, unfortunately, are book smart, and are educated, or at least their diplomas say so, but they have never been able to tear heir way from the mental shackles of their failed ideology. It is a shame, actually, for them to live in their bubble of hate against the only president who is working to provide an environment for all who care to work. I know a former golfing friend who is a dyed-in-the-wool union guy, and who always talked about how Republicans were NEVER for the “working man”, and so he and his union buddies never seemed to have any pipefitter jobs because the Republicans kept the unions down, somehow, and they dreamed of the days of Carter, and other muskrats, to provide jobs for them. So now in 2017/2018, we get a new president, with fresh ideas, and is dedicated to getting jobs for everyone who wants to work. Look at the dozens of companies who are giving $1K or 2K bonuses, pay raises, and how new U.S. factories are being built back here…..just as Trump said would happen! And look at the Tax Plan! Even though the effects of this plan haven’t kicked in, yet, the benefits of his plan are already being realized every single day. However, the so-called leaders of the hapless DNC refuse to give credit to our president (except for alleged comments). Pelosi said this money is basically a drop in the bucket and is nothing to write home about. Well, compared to how much wealth she has accumulated since 1977, I guess so. By the way, have you ever read about how she got support, years ago, to change the wage laws to benefit her husband’s commercial fishing business on the Left Coast? Hmm, I don’t see stories about this on the alphabet Fake News channels.

Now, let’s be honest, here. Do you, or do you not care about the direction of our country? Do you really want Open Borders—just to get more voters in your base…all to make sure Republicans never win another election? And do you want to silence any and ALL opposition? Remember: if one party (Democrat OR Republican) has total supremacy in Congress, then how will we ever have any balance in how we are governed, and who will keep the rogue laws from being passed? And what about the insanity in our schools…with Common Core, or allowing the BLM groups or Kneelers to force their narrative on all of us? And who will fund the tens of millions of illegal aliens…as they suck on the bittersweet government teet until it is bone dry, withered, and calloused beyond recognition? And when we, as a country, no longer have the money or will to show the world how freedom and capitalism provide the incentive for all people to follow the torch…..then who will hold the torch in the future? Will it be Russia, China, Brazil or some other rogue nation?

Look, Trump is doing an outstanding job, but the Fake News will never say so. I am convinced he will MAGA, but the Left Press and the Alinsky Party will never, ever applaud him. If they do, then more Americans will see through the Left’s veil, and they would lose power and money, and they can’t afford that! Therefore, we may hate what they are doing, but they won’t change their message or their platform. To do so would cause their puppets to question what they are really all about. Their power is derived from lies and a failed economy, racial disharmony and debt. This is a fact.

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