What’s in Your House?

1Co. 2 chapterThe Apostle Paul makes clear in this passage why so many have not ceased from sin and cannot glorify God in their life. 

“Because the mystery of God has not been revealed to them. Neither can it be. Because it is only revealed by the Holy Spirit, to those whose eyes are opened who are made perfect/mature in Him. He must dwell on the inside of you, revealed by demonstration on the outside. “Now we should know w/o dispute that Gods Holy Spirit cannot/will not dwell in an unclean temple.”
“Had this mystery been known by the rulers of that day, they would never have crucified The Lord” 

“Today that is why many cannot put away sin in their lives. Because they do not know who The Lord of glory is. For if they would know, they would crucify their flesh along with its deeds.” 

Without the HS your body is like a house that looks good on the outside with no furniture on the inside. No bed to rest in, no fridge to keep nourishment in, no stove to even cook on, etc. You portray on the outside a picture of perfectness, while on the inside you are empty/dead, no peace, no rest, no joy for the soul. 

Pastor Wilbert J. Ardoin 

Word of Faith FG Church, Int’l

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