Ok here it is in a nut shell white people and every decent black American and every shade in between out there The libtard demaRATs who encourage and stand and support the violence against you will be howling for gun control and use the terrible tragedy in Las Vegas to pretend to be overly concerned about citizens having the right to own a weapon and using it to defend their families and themselves. All of this will be done under the pretense of them looking out for “public safety.”
But there real motive and desire is for power over you and to leave you defenseless.
Make no mistake America without our guns we are sitting ducks for the low life scum out there who are opportunists that feed on and take every advantage of the weak and helpless when they can.  And don’t think you are safe because you are young and healthy. You will have no chance against a pack of rats if they zero in on you.
We as Americans have the right to defend ourselves, don’t ever give up that right. You can’t trust government to take care of you; the establishment has been working on creating the problems.

Be a victim, be led like sheep if you want but I will never submit to the thugs or the anti-American anti-Christian, pro-muslim forces out trying to take away our only means of protection.  God Bless America and let’s help president Trump make her great again, not just for America but for the world as well.

2nd Chronicles 7:14  pastorwardclinton.com

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