The Republic is Under Attack

The Republic is under attack. Of concern is not even North Korea or ISIS–and I’ve written about both… The threat shows up on the public squares and protest lines of our cities. Either the dream of our Founders will be realized–that we will self-govern, recognizing that we’re all equal–or some false equality will be forced upon us by the intelligentsia. Either we recognize what is at stake and assume a defensive (or even offensive) posture, or we are overtaken by a storm surge–not of the Irma or Harvey variety, but of the polite-and-smiley-but-hateful leftist variety. Do we even understand what is happening–as Americans?

Even those who call themselves “conservatives”–the McCains and Ryans and the rest  of the establishment types pander to the left. They have no patriotic soul. They are political carcasses on the pyre of history. The First and Second amendment mean nothing to them, let alone the rest of the Constitution.  The Second Amendment actually is a hindrance to their real agenda. Their power, their control, their enslavement of America is all that matters to them. And now, those of us who care about America–that last bastion of freedom in a crazed world–are presented with images of our president shaking hands with Pelosi and Schumer. The latter grins like the devil my Christian friends talk about–the lips turn upward, but the eyes and the soul are as cold as shards of ice. And the eyes of Pelosi? I recall going into the walk-in freezer many years ago at the supermarket where I worked, and seeing blocks of frozen meals that radiated more warmth than that icy-souled person.  America, as a patriot, as a grandchild of the Greatest Generation–the last one that saved our country from annihilation–I ask you to prepare yourselves. I take a wait-and-see attitude with all presidents; I did it with Obama in 2008 and I’m doing it with Trump now. I’m am greatly encouraged by the fact that Trump bears all the marks of being one appointed by God for such a time as this.

As time goes on, it becomes increasingly apparent that there are two camps, excluding the president: those that would mow America down in a bloody haze of political correctness and “tolerance,” and those who see America as Washington, Jefferson, Madison did. We may be able to rely on the leader we elected. But what happens if we can’t? Has anyone even thought of that? Such “what if’s” had BETTER be thought of because there is too much at stake. If the administration won’t stand up to Antifa, to the incipient fascist threat, to the Democrats who have already ruined our country, then there is no one left to stand up for America except the person staring back at you in the mirror. . . . . . So keep that mirror close, and keep a watchful eye on Washington–a VERY watchful eye. And be ready.

There’s so much at stake. The president either makes America great again or he doesn’t. And the 2018 election is under a year away. We’re kidding ourselves if we think the Dems won’t come back and pounce. It’s what they do.

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