Fake News Still Whining Because President Trump Cares About Texas

Trump is leveraging $8 billion in relief and donated $1 million of his own money following Harvey. The response from his critics? A thumbs-up? Recognition for his efforts, for his compassion, for being there for the people of Texas? Oh, no! Their response can be summed up as follows: “He shouldn’t go after the media, it makes him look like a clown.” Really??? No matter WHAT the man does, he can’t win in their book. And as for “clowns,” the liberals can look in the mirror for them. Or turn on their favorite networks–MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC… all of which have done nothing but abuse the man for years. So, liberals want to complain about Trump’s use of the term “fake news?” You’d do well to remember that YOU invented the term in the first place. Now you’re seething in rage because conservatives have co-opted the expression. Well what can I say? Too bad.


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