Jesse Jackson

If you still want to know what the “Reverend” Jesse Jackson will say, about any famous person or issue before us (and, believe me, I’d understand if you told me you stopped caring, years ago), #followthemoney. For decades, he has said whatever he thinks will cause his personal fund raising apparatuses to raise the most money for him, at any given moment. For decades, he has not been primarily interested in uplifting anybody else. He has been primarily interested in doing what he has to do, and saying what he has to say, to maintain the wealthy lifestyle to which he has personally become accustomed.
The difference in his view of Donald J. Trump now and his view of Donald J. Trump in 1999 is easily explained. In 1999, DJT was giving “The Reverend” money to support his wealthy lifestyle. Now, “The Reverend” gets most of that money from the self-named #Resistance to DJT. DJT is obviously not giving money to “The Reverend”, anymore.
DJT has other priorities now, in giving away his money. For instance, he announced yesterday that he’ll be writing a $1 million check, personally, to #HurricaneHarvey relief efforts. I hope and trust he will follow through, on that pledge.
I have no idea whether DJT or “The Reverend”, or both, will end up in Heaven, or Hell, for eternity. I trust God to decide such things, by His own standards. As I’ve said many times, I’m not God, and I’m very glad I’m not.
But I hope God will not condemn me, for making the following judgement.
“The Reverend” Jesse Jackson has lost whatever moral or spiritual authority he once had to comment upon which rich man (other than himself) should slip through the eye of the needle to Heaven.He lost that authority a long time ago. #RevJesseJackson #SocialJusticeConMan.

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