Obamas  Job Record

Setting the record straightI STILL hear (from left wing Liberals, of course) how great Obama’s economy was. Specifically, I hear how his brilliance created (the number always varies) 5 million, 6 million….howevermany jobs during his tenure. 
Sounds like money well spent! Right? I mean, that many jobs, and it only landed us with a $600 BILLION deficit and $20 TRILLION in debt…
But, ya know, no matter HOW many times I try to explain that, when you are looking at job numbers, you can’t ONLY look at the U3 unemployment rate. You ALSO have to look at other stuff. So……
When Obama took office, the total labor force was 154,133,000 people. The Labor Force Participation rate, that same month, was 65.6%. That means that, the month he took office, there were 101,111,248 employed in the US. 
In the month he LEFT office, those numbers were 160,056,000 and 63%, respectively. In other words, there were 100,835,280 employed in the labor force. 
IN OTHER WORDS: Under Obama’s care, America had a net LOSS of 275,968 people in the labor force. (Keep in mind that, during this same time, the labor force GREW by around 6,000,000 people!)
These numbers are from the BLS. Look them up for yourself. 
Did Obama create lots and lots of jobs? Sure. Why not. 
But he lost FAR more jobs than he “created”. 
Now, the record is straight…..not that that will mean anything.

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