Power to Pardon

TRUMP THE POWER OF A GOOD KING!!!! WHAT? we fought the British to rid ourselves of a King but the framers of the Constitution all had a British background…. It is one thing to want to be free of a Tyrant 3000 miles away but it is Impossible to forget your own culture!!!
Thus we have an Executive Branch that has the POWER TO PARDON! Normally only Kings and Queens have such power… In the Pardon of Joe Arpaio we see the POWER and the Popularity of using Power softly… Joe is not a criminal… Obama pardoned Terrorists and other such scum of the earth.
The POTUS Trump has very quietly but publicly announced we are going to win the war in Afghanistan.. He INVOKED THE WAR POWERS ACT… HE is now OFFICIALLY a war time President….granted certain powers that are again MARTIAL IN NATURE…. PLUS a Federal National State of Emergency had already given POTUS vast powers… He has some of the powers of a KING because the framers of the Constitution wanted a STRONG Executive Branch of Gov. YOU DO WHAT YOU KNOW….. as British Colonial people their Culture simply told then a strong President should have certain powers similar to a King BUT not be a King…. and thus we have in reality right now a POTUS smart enough to use every method available to be as legally Powerful as any President since Roosevelt…

.MUELLER BUCKLES… yesterday Mueller allowed it to leak that he was having difficulty with aspects of General Flynns case…. a way of saying to POTUS PLEASE DON’T SEND ME TO GITMO for no longer pulling a COUP against a WAR TIME President… and Trump is the Smartest President I have ever seen and the most POWERFUL… The Dems must be having Apoplexy to be unable to get rid of this POTUS that train NEVER LEFT THE STATION in reality TRUMP cut them all OFF…. What do you Think???? – Dr Larry


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